Website Flavor - New Like Cake Courses

Need help with content for your website?

Add some FLAVOR to your website, build your online presence, tell your story and attract your ideal clients by "decorating" and customizing your site with YOUR own content.

Perfect for any type of website platform including: Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, Joomla, Weebly, Showit, Square, Shopify, etc. The methods and resources are pretty standard and platform/builder/framework agnostic.

You don't have to struggle with your website content anymore! Let us help make it easy for you. Like (a piece of) Cake! 😉

If you are currently building your website, having your site built for you, or redesigning your current one, you might be asking yourself these questions :

  • What types of graphics or images to use?
  • What should I write?
  • What pages should I have?
  • What exactly should be on my homepage?
  • Do I really need legal terms?
  • What is a CTA?
  • How big should my favicon be? (And what is a favicon anyway?)

With WEBSITE FLAVOR, DIY Web Content Course, we answer all of these questions and more. There is so much content to produce and we walk you through EVERYTHING you'll need for your website.

Covered topics include:

  1. Brand Strategy
  2. 5-Minute or Optional Full Brand Strategy
  3. Written Content
  4. Recommended web pages to include and resources to easily write the content for each page
  5. Visual Brand
  6. Logo
  7. Colors
  8. Typography
  9. Other Website Visuals
  10. Photos & Graphics
  11. Video
  12. Icons
  13. Other