Meet the Web Designer & WordPress Expert Behind the Screen

Kerry Ben-Joseph, Web Designer & WordPress Expert of Like Cake

Hi there! I'm Kerry Ben-Joseph.

For the past 10+ years, I have made my living designing/developing websites for other people. It's something that I didn't originally set out to do, but I sort of fell into it and have developed a real knack for all things websites.

I have experience working with a large variety of websites and all sorts of clientele, but my expertise is in WordPress. My design style is minimalistic but impactful. You won't find overly complicated or stale sites in my portfolio.

With Like Cake, my goal is to help fledgling entrepreneurs and new business owners (like I once was) with an easy and affordable path to a beautiful, custom website that will grow and evolve with them as their business grows and evolves.

I use the analogy of "cake" to better explain all of the facets of building a website.

Because not only are the layers of a website like the layers of cake, working with your website should feel "Like a Piece of Cake!"

I also want to help entrepreneurs who are dipping their toes into offering web design to their current clients or people looking for a fun and potentially lucrative side hustle by sharing all of my knowledge, tips, tricks and past mistakes in running my own web design agency.

Whatever camp you're in, welcome! I'm happy you're here.